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Nick Cave, The Warfield, SF

Nick Cave, The Warfield, SF

Since returning from a massively successful UK Tour, Firehouse has been busy!

First and foremost – Station 4 Gallery is opening as The Firehouse’s exclusive representative in the UK.

Exclusive Art Prints for Station 4 Gallery:

• Series of art prints for Emory Douglas, Cultural Minister of the Black Panther Party – Produced by Firehouse – Exclusive at Station 4 Gallery – Edition of 150
• “Crude Reality” – a colaboration with Sam Newbury of Mission Prints, UK – Silkscreen Editon of 75
• “Orange Sunshine” by Chuck Sperry – produced in the UK by Sam Newbury – Exclusive at Station 4 Gallery – Edition of 150
• “Blue Meanie” by Chuck Sperry – produced in the UK by Sam Newbury – Exclusive at Station 4 Gallery – Edition of 150
• “Portrait of Joe Strummer, London 1975” by Julian Yewdall – Produced by Firehouse – Silkscreen Edition of 200

Here are some of Firehouse posters created recently and upcoming:

• Richard Price / Charles Bock Reading at the SummerStage in Central Park – New York City – Silkscreen Edition of 125
• Stevie Ray Vaughan – Fender Stratocaster “Lenny.” – Silkscreen Editon of 200
• Stevie Ray Vaughan – same poster in a mass offset edition
• Moonaclice / Tahoe City – offset edition
• Madjuana / SF – Silkscreen Edition of 150
• Power to the Peaceful / Ziggy Marley – Silkscreen Edition of 250
• Unidos Por El Arte / La Plebe – Silkscreen Edition of 150
• Rage Against The Machine / Denver Democratic Convention – Silkscreen Edition of 125
• Hardly Strictly Bluegrass SF – Silkscreen Edition of 1000
• Turbonegro / Oja Festival / Norway – Silkscreen Edition of 150
• My Morning Jacket / Amsterdam – offset edition
• Widespread Panic – Silkscreen Edition of 300

Goldenvoice series for The Warfield SF / Regency Ballroom SF.
Firehouse is the exclusive creator of an official poster series for these new San Francisco venues:

• Bad Religion – Silkscreen Edition of 250
• George Lopez / Warfield Re-opening Party – Silkscreen Edition of 250
• Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Silkscreen Edition of 250
• Children Of Bodom – Silkscreen Edition of 150

Additional Special Edition Art Prints recent and upcoming:

• “Nader / Gonzalez 2008” – worked in colaboration with Vice-Presidential Candidate Matt Gonzalez on a campaign poster inspired by the “Eldridge Cleaver for President” poster for the Peace and Freedom Party and Black Panther Party candidate of 1968.
• “From the Bottom of the Heap,” colaboration with Rigo – for Robert King of The Black Panther Party – Silkscreen Editon of 150
• “World War 3 Illustrated” by Eric Drooker – Silkscreen Edition of 200

Art shows:

• “Yo! What Happened to Peace?” at Ogilvy’s Manhattan office from July 22 to September 17. Here’s a review:

• SIGNS OF CHANGE: Social Movement Cultures 1960s to the Present • ¨Guest curated by Dara Greenwald and Josh MacPhee •¨New York, NY – Exit Art • ¨September 20 • “November 22, 2008 •¨Other venues: Pittsburgh, PA – Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University (January – March 8, 2009)
Here’s a review:

Book news:

• Designing trade paperback book cover for “Beautiful Children” by Charles Bock (Random House)
• Cover for “Get Up: A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks & Weirdos” by Bucky Sinister (Conari Press)
• Wrote Introduction to “The Blood of the Mountain is The Hammer of God.” Malleus Rock Art Lab produced this catalog of their rock art posters.

Movie news:

Featured in the upcoming release, “American Artifact”

American Artifact chronicles the rise of American rock poster art since it’s birth in the ’60s. Director Merle Becker crosses the country interviewing rock poster artists from the different eras to discover that America is currently in the midst of a 21st century “rock poster art movement”, where thousands of artists around the country are doing silk screened rock poster art inspired by their local scene, the music of our time, and the spirit of our era.

Scheduled release for the film is 2009.