“I Stood In The Blue Darkness″

17 x 32

Edition of 50

4 colors on lapis lazuli metallic paper

Signed and Numbered

“I Stood In The Blue Darkness” will be made available at The Flood Gallery opening of “Class of ’72” Art Show, Thursday, May 3, 2012; and will be available online through The Flood Gallery the following day, Friday, May 4, 2012. 


“I Stood In The Blue Darkness” is based on the Apollo 17 moon landing, and is inspired by Astronaut Gene Cernan’s quote:

“I stood in the blue darkness and looked in awe at the Earth from the lunar surface. What I saw was almost too beautiful to grasp”


Gene Cernan was the last human being to set foot on the moon, a feat he accomplished in December, 1972.

He also holds the records for longest time spent in lunar EVA, most ground covered in lunar EVA,

lunar land-speed record in his LRV – or “moon buggy” (11.2 mph),

highest yield in moon rock recovery (244 pounds).

If I were to get to hitch a ride on any of Apollo’s Moon Landings, Apollo 17 would be my ride. That Moon Buggy must have been a riot!




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