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I’m leaving on Tuesday for Argentina for my first ever tour in Latin America. I’m getting really excited! The tour was initiated and organized by Santiago Pozzi and Alan Berry Rhys of Porco art magazine. Santiago worked with me and Ron Donovan as an intern for three months at the end of 2011. As a very cool and generous sign of gratitude, Santiago organized this tour of Argentina. And did he ever organize an amazing series of events, together with his partner Alan of Porco magazine.

Here’s a brief calendar of my exhibitions and presentations in Argentina.

I will begin by speaking at the next Trimarchi DG (12-14 October) in the city of Mar del Plata, in what will be one of the most important design events in Latin America. Artists and designers from nearly every Latin American country will be in attendance as I’ll address 3500 or more people at the design conference shown below.

I’m announcing here for the first time, that I will have a new book, called “High Volume, The Art of Chuck Sperry,” a 98 page, full-color book, in parallel Spanish and English language, with 65+ poster images from the last 20 years, and focussed on the output of the last five years. “High Volume” is printed in Argentina by Porco, and will be distributed in the US by Last Gasp, and in South America by Porco Mag. Books will be shipped to the United States, and will be available when I return. In addition to it’s distribution by Last Gasp in the US, and by Porco Mag in South America – and I’ll be making “High Volume” available on my website in November. You’ll have to wait for my announcement when I return.

Never known for following the consensus of any art establishment, Chuck Sperry has a strict loyalty to his craft, and has become a leading innovator of the rock poster art form.  His suspicion and disdain for mainstream American politics often characterizes his approach to making art.   With a sincere dedication to a broad public audience, Sperry reflects a social consciousness and draws much from the immediate urban environment. — Renee de Cossio, curator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


On Thursday, October 18 at 7 pm, I will presenting my new book – it’s debut. I’ll be giving a talk in the Cabrera area of Buenos Aires with a keynote slide presentation of my poster art.

In the afternoon before my debut of “High Volume,”  I’ll be conducting a silkscreen workshop with Sanitago Pozzi of Imprenta Chimango sponsored by Porco Mag, at 3 pm. Those interested in attending must write to: imprentachimango@gmail.com.

The next day, Friday, October 19, at 6.30 pm at the theater of the Youth Centre (General Manuel Belgrano 950, Rosario), Rosario headquarters of my exhibition will be inaugurated. I’ll appear and will be giving a talk at 7 pm. Attendees will be able to purchase “High Volume,” and of course, I’ll be on-hand to sign my book.


One last word: about my Argentina Tour poster shown at the head of this article, I’ll be making a limited silkscreen edition of this poster, when I return. It is being produced in an offset version in Argentina to be used on the street as promotion. I’ll be quite busy until the end of this year – given all the projects on my plate – so my silkscreen edition of this poster is scheduled for mid December – just so you know – this poster will be available at a future date.


La agenda de muestras y presentaciones en Argentina de Chuck Sperry, fundador junto a Ron Donovan del estudio “The Firehouse”, viene algo apretada. Empezará como conferencista en el próximo Trimarchi DG (del 12 al 14 de octubre) en la Ciudad de Mar del Plata, en lo que será uno de los eventos de diseño más importantes de latinoamérica.

Unos días más tarde, el jueves 18 de octubre a las 19hs estará presentando su libro y dando una charla en el Espacio Cabrera, inaugurando una de las muestras que tiene proyectadas. Además tiene programado un workshop coorganizado entre Porco Mag y su referente argentino Imprenta Chimango para el mismo día a las 15hs, los interesados en asistir deberán escribir a imprentachimango@gmail.com.

Al día siguiente, a las 18.30hs en el galpón del Centro de la Juventud (Gral. Manuel Belgrano 950, Rosario), se inaugurará la sede rosarina de la exposición. Además estará el artista en vivo, dando una charla a las 19hs donde presentará nuevamente High Volume, el libro que recopila la obra de los últimos 20 años de sus trabajos, editado por la revista porteña Porco Mag, quién además organizó esta gira.

Chuck Sperry es un artista, diseñador e ilustrador que en los últimos 20 años ha diseñado e impreso en serigrafía los posters oficiales para artistas como Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Phoenix, Eric Clapton, Passion Pit, MGMT, Iggy Pop, Blondie, Motorhead, Ben Harper, y muchos más.

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