High Volume – The Art of Chuck Sperry

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High Volume

The Art of Chuck Sperry

Compiled by Alan Berry Rhys, Andres I. Agosin, Luis M. Corrales Ruiz, Sergio E. Daniszewski

104 pages, 5.6875 x 7.875 inches

full color, softcover book

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Never known for following the consensus of any art establishment, Chuck Sperry has a strict loyalty to his craft, and has become a leading innovator of the rock poster art form.  His suspicion and disdain for mainstream American politics often characterizes his approach to making art.   With a sincere dedication to a broad public audience, Sperry reflects a social consciousness and draws much from the immediate urban environment.    –  Renee de Cossio, curator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Over 60 posters from the career of rock poster legend Chuck Sperry, plus a lengthy interview with the artist. Includes studio shots and a short Sperry bio.


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