Lawrence of Arabia – a film by David Lean

22 x 33

Edition of 200

8 colors on archival cream paper

Signed and Numbered

SOLD OUT – Thank You!


I’ll be making a very limited release of a variant edition of this poster on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at a random time.


I was honored to receive the commission from Spoke Art to create this limited edition art print in celebration of the 50th Anniversary Restoration Screening one of my all time favorite movies, “Lawrence of Arabia,” at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre. I really dug into this design and created custom Arabian patterns and intricate motifs to embellish the enigmatic, legendary personality of T.E. Lawrence as portrayed so intensely and memorably by Peter O’Toole in David Lean’s masterpiece of film art, “Lawrence of Arabia.”

I reflect the historical period of Lawrence with this poster, through the style associated with Moorish Revival which returned to fashion in the 1920’s and (lightly) through an Egyptian mode that influenced Art Deco. These stylistic currents were part of the lexicon of art, architecture and design that surrounded the beginnings of cinematic history. Not only were these exotic themes present in the posters of the period, they were also expressed in the architecture of the movie palaces constructed at the time (even in the Castro Theatre itself). So I felt that this treatment was not only relevant, it was necessary, and would harmonize with my exploration of poster history in my art.

As a short note of interest, I made my “Lawrence of Arabia” poster in an oversized dimension of 22 x 33 inches. My intention is to make a nice male counterpoint to the Widespread Panic Season’s series.


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