Mickey Hart Band Worlds Within Tour Poster
by Chuck Sperry
25.5 x 23
Edition of 325
10 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered
Poster is available in a limited pre-order on Mickey Hart’s website, and will be available through Mickey Hart Band on their tour.
Here’s my latest poster for Mickey Hart Band. I spent some time thinking about Mr. Hart’s manifold talents and interests to create this poster. The figure contemplates a cosmic egg. She’s also in the egg. I wanted to describe micro and macro cosmic worlds which follows from the discussion I had with Mickey’s people. Also, living in the Haight in the wake of the psychedelic world created by Mickey’s music, this is an expression of contemplating, creating and inhabiting imaginary universes.
I’ll make a very limited release of this poster here on my website when the tour is over. Stay tuned.
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