Artist of the Year & Poster of the Year Awards

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I returned from my tour of Switzerland and France to receive my Expressobeans “Artist of the Year” and “Poster of the Year” Awards for 2014. I want to thank all my supporters from the bottom of my heart! I very much appreciate your love and support! What a fantastic homecoming!


The Black Keys Poster Wins Poster of the Year

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Expressobeans members have voted my Black Keys Philadelphia Poster of the Year 2014. I am very honored! Many thanks to all those who supported me through this very rewarding year! Your support, help, confidence and belief in my vision has given me strength. Your support has given me a deep appreciation of the simple grace a creative life can offer.


I’m very happy to announce that my Widespread Panic, Fox Poster has won Expressobeans.com Poster of the Week. Thank you to all my supporters, I truly appreciate it! I thought it would also be a great time to have a look at some photos of my off-the-hook “Don’t Panic!” Widespread Panic poster retrospective at Hangar 18 this March 28 (photos courtesy of Alexandra Fischer)

Many thanks to the hundreds of kind people who came to visit my studio Hangar 18! You were all such wonderful guests and we had a super enjoyable day! A big thank you to all the staff who helped make this a good time!










Special Thanks to Carlos Hernandez and John Hancock for their awesome print demonstration sponsored by Speedball Inks. Thank You to Bill Ham and Kim Ito for presenting Bill Ham’s Light Show installation at the gallery. (Artist Bill Ham has 12 days, and a very few more donations to reach his goal on his Kickstarter – donate HERE and receive Mr. Ham’s genius hour-long DVD liquid light painting).



And the reason for the season, delivering my Widespread Panic posters to the Fox Theater. Widespread Panic put on such a great pair of concerts at the Fox Theater, it’s a weekend I’ll never forget!


The poster line later that night at the Fox Theater. (photo courtesy of Sterling Munksgard).


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“Poster Children: The Art of Widespread Panic”

Widespread Panic has spent 25 years earning a reputation for amazing live shows. The band’s commitment to the live experience is not limited to the stage, but to visual artists across the country.

For years, the band has been dedicated to commissioning artists to create limited edition posters for their shows and they have archived all of these posters in their vault.

Every Widespread Panic fan would love the chance to dig through the bands poster archive, and with this book, they get the chance. Over 400 posters spanning their entire career are included in this 320 page hardcover book, including notes from Dave Schools and John Bell and from the poster artists, including; EMEK, Marq Spusta, Chuck Sperry and Jeff Wood.

Dave Schools, These posters were another way for our fans to relive the show and commemorate a good time. In a way, they were like the gatefold record cover of the by-gone vinyl era – a visual interpretation for fans to look at while listening to our music.”


I’m very happy to announce that my Widespread Panic, New Years Eve in Atlanta Poster has won Expressobeans.com Poster of the Week. Thank you to all my supporters, I truly appreciate it! What a great way to start 2014.


Widespread Panic, New Years Eve 2013
20 x 35
6 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered

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