“Poster Children: The Art of Widespread Panic”

Widespread Panic has spent 25 years earning a reputation for amazing live shows. The band’s commitment to the live experience is not limited to the stage, but to visual artists across the country.

For years, the band has been dedicated to commissioning artists to create limited edition posters for their shows and they have archived all of these posters in their vault.

Every Widespread Panic fan would love the chance to dig through the bands poster archive, and with this book, they get the chance. Over 400 posters spanning their entire career are included in this 320 page hardcover book, including notes from Dave Schools and John Bell and from the poster artists, including; EMEK, Marq Spusta, Chuck Sperry and Jeff Wood.

Dave Schools, These posters were another way for our fans to relive the show and commemorate a good time. In a way, they were like the gatefold record cover of the by-gone vinyl era – a visual interpretation for fans to look at while listening to our music.”


I’m very happy to announce that my Widespread Panic, New Years Eve in Atlanta Poster has won Expressobeans.com Poster of the Week. Thank you to all my supporters, I truly appreciate it! What a great way to start 2014.


Widespread Panic, New Years Eve 2013
20 x 35
6 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered




My Mickey Hart “Worlds Within” Tour poster has won Poster of the Week on Expressobeans. And with that news I want to show you the finished poster. A huge thanks to all of my supporters, you rock!

This is some of the most insane – some might say, most difficult – printing I’ve ever done. There is a lot of color-to-color registration, and texture effects galore, happening on this one. I’m thrilled with the result!

I just delivered the prints, and ordered Mr. Hart’s people enough heavy Yazoo Mills tubes to ship their orders. Today the crew at Hangar 18 gave Mickey Hart’s shippers a very thorough tutorial on my shipping methods. I’m so proud of this one I am doing everything possible to get the to you in the best possible condition!



Pearl Jam Jaguar Poster Wins Award

On November 9, 2011, in News, by squirt

I am totally stoked to announce that my Pearl Jam Sao Paulo Brazil Jaguar poster has won Poster of the Week on Expressonbeans. Thanks to all my supporters. I appreciate it!


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Eddie Vedder Poster Wins Award

On July 13, 2011, in News, by squirt

My Eddie Vedder poster has won Expressonbeans.com Poster of the Week. Thanks everyone!





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